Best Scope for .30-30

Best Scope for .30-30 Comperison Chart

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What too consider before buying Scope for .30-30?

You should check the conditions of any product before you buy it. Here are some factors to consider when buying a good.30-30 scope.


Most people shoot or hunt with.30-30 scopes. It is important to consider how strong a scope is. Many manufacturers today make scopes that are resistant to certain elements. Some can even withstand extreme conditions such as dust, fog, or rain/water.


A.30-30 scope’s durability is not the only thing you need to consider. TodayaEUR(tm),s scopes weigh only 15 oz. These lightweight numbers enable you to react and move faster to your environment. It is light in weight, but you need to make sure your rifle works with a.30-30 scope. This will ensure that you don’t spend thousands on a bad scope.


A good.30-3-scope must have a high magnification capability. A 7x or 9x Marlin.30-30 scope will give you better hunting results. These scopes allow you to hit your targets from distances of 200-250 yards. Using scopes that are more than 9x magnification can cause blurred images.

Mounting system.

The default setting for.30-30 lever guns is to not produce any recoil when used for shooting. When choosing a scope to pair with your gun, it is important to consider the scopeaEUR(tm), its mounting system. Today’s scopes are available in either a forward or side mount option. Side mounts require you to use long-eyed scopes. Side mounts permit you to use any standard scope. You should choose the mounting system you are most comfortable with.
Lenses. ItaEUR(tm),s best to have large scopeaEUR(tm),s lenses. The larger the scopeaEUR(tm), the more light can pass through it. This allows you to see your target clearly from far away. These are great perks. However, larger scopes can be heavier. You might miss shots or have your arms hurt while using your scoped weapon. A.30-30 scope with 32mm lenses is recommended to limit these potential consequences. These scopes can give you the ideal balance of light transmission and weight.

Eye Relief.

A great scope should provide comfortable eye relief, just like mounting options. An eye relief is the distance between your eye and the focal lens. A 6-inch eye relief is recommended to avoid eye injury while you are looking for long periods of time. This can be used to attach your scope to your.30-30 rifle.
The price. This is an important consideration when purchasing a scope. Unlike thermal scopes which can be expensive,.30-30 scopes are often affordable. Many.30-30 scopes are available for as low as $300, according to our current research. You can also find some for as low as $85! Many scopes are still very affordable and offer excellent sighting capabilities.

Top 5 Scopes for .30-30

Burris 200437 MTAC 1-4 x 24 Illuminated Scope (Black)

The Burris 1-4×24 illuminated riflescope is a great option if you need more light to align your target in the reticle. The riflescope comes with a battery-powered illuminated target reticle, a 24mm lens and 1x to 4x magnification. This will give you a better view at dawn or dusk.

The Burris scope comes with a tube measuring 30mm. It is nitrogen-filled, as with many other options. This scope is durable and will look great on your 30-inch lever-action rifle.

The 24 mm lens gives you a 100 foot FOV at 100 yard on the lowest magnification, and a 32 foot FOV at high magnification. This lens provides a large image that can be used for targeting. This aids in the alignment of your shot when you are dealing with bright sunlight.

It also comes with a Ballistic Plex Reticle, which helps to compensate for bullet drops using the lower vertical Crosshair.

Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24mm SFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS-5.56/5.45/.308

The Primary Arms riflescope comes with a second-focal plane ACSS Reticle for tracking moving targets. This reticle provides bullet drop compensation, windage estimations, and moving target lead, helping you keep your target within sight.

Primary Arms scopes have magnifications ranging from 1x to 8x. According to the manufacturer, you can see clearly and track moving targets at 300 yards.

This riflescope has a greater effective range than a standard 30-30 lever-action rifle. It is a great choice for hunters who hunt larger game or target at greater distances.

As with all scopes, it includes windage and elevation knobs. You also get an illumination knob to adjust the intensity of the built in light, and a diopter rings for focusing your reticle.

The scope’s durable design should last many years. The scope is covered by a lifetime warranty that covers any defects or normal wear and tear.

Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4 x 20mm Riflescope, Pig-Plex (174177) (174177)

For generations, Leupold has been producing reliable and high-quality hunting optics. There is no complete list of.30-30 scopes without at least one Leupold model. Leupold optics can be as American-styled as the.30-30 Lever Gun, making them a great pairing.

Leupold VX-Freedom is a low-profile, lightweight companion for any.30-30 rifle. It is waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and 100 percent waterproof. This scope is made with 6061-T6 aluminum aircraft quality, which makes it durable enough to withstand any Mother Nature can throw at you.

Leupold’s Twilight Management System is featured on the VX-Freedom. Twilight Management uses proprietary coatings to reduce glare and improve light transmission. Twilight Management provides bright, crisp images and up to 10 additional minutes of light transmission at the end and beginning of each day.

Leupold’s FireDot Illumination is also included in the VX-Freedom. This creates an easily-useable, highly visible red dot aiming point even in dimmest lighting conditions.

Vortex Optics CF2-31001 Crossfire II Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescope - V-Plex Reticle, Black, 2-7" x 32"

The Vortex Octics Crossfire II has several features you might find useful for hunting in adverse conditions such as strong winds. This riflescope’s Dead-Hold BDC Reticle has a custom dot design that allows you to estimate windage corrections. This reticle is also a second focal-plan reticle. The size of the reticle remains the same regardless of how you adjust the magnification.

Vortex Optics has released the Crossfire II, a mid-range riflescope. The Crossfire II features durable craftsmanship and a single-piece tube made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s also nitrogen purged, making the product waterproof and fog-proof.
Vortex Optics Crossfire II riflescope features a 2x to 7x magnification, paired with a 32mm objective lens size, and an eye relief that is sufficient long. The lightweight and forgiving eyebox makes it a great scope for medium range shooting.

One of the most popular scopes is the Dead-Hold BDC Reticle. This riflescope is ideal for hunting because it has the Dead-Hold BDC Reticle.

Fast focus eyepieces allow for faster reticle focusing. Capped reset turrets have finger adjustable MOA clicks, which you can quickly reset to zero once you’ve seen.

The objective lens is made of high-quality glass with anti-reflective fully multicoating to provide a clearer view in all settings. You will get a clear sight picture in all light conditions thanks to the combination of high-quality glass with overall design.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II was specifically designed for hunters and astute shooters. Crossfire II was designed with durability and performance in mind. Crossfire II is a high-quality riflescope with impressive features like fully multi-coated lenses, excellent eye relief, and other quality features.

The Dead-Hold BDC Reticle provides a precise aiming point, which is useful when determining holdover.

The riflescope also features an extremely forgiving eye box with extensive eye relief. This ensures that your eyes will not be damaged by recoil. The fast-focus eyepiece makes it easy to find and keep your target in view quickly.

Multicoated lenses with anti-reflective coatings ensure clear and bright views no matter what the weather. You also get capped reset buttons with MOA clicks that allow for quick finger adjustment or resetting.

Crossfire II’s waterproof and fogproof performance is due to its O-ring seal and nitrogen purge. The entire tube is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for strength, durability, and shockproof performance. It will be one of the best Scopes for.30-30 Lever Action Rifles in 2021.