Best Spotting Scopes For Hunting

Best Hunting spoting Scopes Comperison Chart

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What too consider before buying spoting Scope for hunting?


It depends on the range of your choice whether you choose spotting scopes or binoculars. Most spotting scopes pick-up where binoculars depart and fall within the 12-80 power-magnification range. They are almost always “zooms,” which means they can offer multiple magnifications, such as 20-60x.

Binoculars are better if you need magnifications below 15x. They are lighter and more portable than most binoculars. However, they may be more expensive for high quality glass because the optics must fit in a smaller package.

While 10×42 (magnification by objective lens diameter) is a common size for binoculars, it’s becoming increasingly popular, especially for hunters. Magnifications of around 15x and larger diameters of around 50mm are also increasing in popularity. You may not be sure if you require a spotting scope. If so, you might consider more powerful binoculars.

Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens diameter is the area of the scope’s viewing field. Smaller backpacking scopes can be as small as 40mm. Larger stargazing scopes will measure around 100mm. Although larger scopes are generally more effective because they allow in more light, heavier scopes will usually be heavier. You will need to know how you plan to use the scope. If you have the opportunity, you should also spend some time with different scopes to help you find the right one for you.

Personally, I find scopes less than 50mm too narrow to be worthwhile. It is difficult enough to see far away with scopes that are too large. Binoculars might be a better option. If you are buying a scope that will be used mostly for stationary purposes and don’t need to worry about weight, I recommend the largest diameter possible.


Some people, such as hunters who use their scope mostly from a vehicle or day hikers who only carry basic supplies, consider weight a minor concern. Others find it a significant concern. A smaller, lighter scope might be the best choice if you are looking to hike miles up remote mountains to stargaze or climb 14,000-foot peaks in search of bighorn sheep.

What is “light”? Lighter-weight spotting scopes are typically three to five pounds, while the standard models are about five to six pounds. To stabilize your spotter, you will also need a tripod. Add 3 to 5 pounds to your pack. Even the light carbon-fiber Vortex Ridgeview Tripod is 3 pounds. Most tripods that are less expensive will weigh 4 or more.

Angled or Straight View?

There are two versions of many spotting scopes: straight and angled. This refers to how the eyepiece is oriented. Although you can use both effectively, the way you use your spotting scope might be more effective.

Angled eyepieces are more comfortable to use. Angled eyepieces are more comfortable to use for stargazing. You can move the eyepiece around, and you can look down on it. The tripod is also more stable and lower because of the angle eyepiece. You can set your scope to one side when shooting from a prone location, whether you are shooting for long-range hunting or target shooting.

Straight eyepieces are easier to use but you will eventually get the hang of them. It’s easier to point the straight scope at something you have spotted in your binoculars. You won’t need to move the tripod head to switch between binoculars (2 straight eyepieces and 1 straight eyepiece spotting scope).
Straight scopes are also better for looking downhill. An angled scope can cause you to rotate your eyepiece, or make it difficult to see the scope from a different angle. Straight scopes are preferred by hunters who scan country using a car window mount. It’s easier to position your eye when you’re seated, and there is less movement for your body and scope.


A spotting scope can be expensive, costing anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand. I’ve used scopes from all ends of the spectrum, and although I cannot say for sure if $3,000 is worth it, I can tell that it is not worthwhile to spend less than $100. Low-end scopes can be difficult to use and the image quality often deteriorates at higher magnifications, so you don’t get what you paid for. We have included several mid-price options here.

A spotting scope is difficult to measure. There are many specs available, but it’s hard to assess something subjective like optical quality. There’s no standard quality standard that can be used to compare. You also get marginal quality gains as the price goes up.

You can spend a few hundred dollars on binoculars if your budget is not sufficient. They are also more comfortable for your eyes and easier to use.

Top 5 Best hunting Spooting Scopes

Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scope 22-48x65 Angled

The engineered Razor HD sets a new standard for high-end optical technology, precision craftsmanship and sleek functionality. It is undoubtedly one of the best spotting scopes available. Period. High-quality HD glass lenses elements are meticulously hand-selected and precisely ground to ensure brilliant, true-to-life views. Advanced optical elements remove aberrations to produce flat, distortion-free images that are free from distortion. They provide unmatched clarity, resolution, color accuracy, edge-to-edge sharpness and remarkable clarity. Our spotters are fully multi-coated with XR coatings to maximize light transmission, which is crucial for evaluating and finding game in low light.

Attach the Eyepiece

Attach the eyepiece by matching the magnification indicator line on the eyepiece to the raised bar on your Eyepiece Lock Ring. Place the eyepiece in the body. Rotate the body clockwise until the eyepiece stops. Rotate the Eyepiece Lock Ring clockwise so that the raised bar matches the dot on the scope body.

The Focus can be adjusted

Refocusing is often required after you have set the magnification. Rotate the focus dial until the images become clear.

* Slowly rotate the focus dial until you are able to focus on the subject.

Adjust the Eyecup

Razor HD’s adjustable eyecup twists up and downward so that you can see the entire field of view even if you are wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses. For best viewing, extend the eyecup fully.

Flexible viewing angle

Razor’s tripod mounting collar allows for more viewing flexibility by allowing you to rotate your spotting scope body.

To loosen the mounting collar, turn the thumbscrew clockwise.

* Rotate your spotting scope’s body until you are able to see clearly.

* Secure the mounting collar by turning the thumbscrew clockwise to keep the scope body in the best viewing position.

Extended Sunshade

To effectively block out unwanted stray light, extend the fitted hood. Sunshade protects objective lens against mechanical damage, and prevents soiling from fingerprints and precipitation.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope, Green, 20-60 x 65mm

This scope will be the most important thing that you’ll care about. Bushnell has made sure that every situation can be covered.

You get everything you need out of the box to start spotting. The only thing missing is the tripod. But more about that later. The objective lens measures 65mm in length and the straight eyepiece promises high-definition image quality.

We will be looking at the key features and components of this spotter in more detail to get a better idea of its strengths and weaknesses.

The Bushnell Trophy Extreme, or Xtreme, is known for its excellent image quality. It features a 65mm objective lens that’s generously large. This lens can be adjusted to a magnitude of 20x-60x.
It’s perfect for hunting and spotting wildlife. The images are high quality and have a very high quality.

Chromatic aberration is not an issue with Bushnell models. The Xlt provides adequate eye relief at 18.3mm. This allows you to use the eyepiece even with glasses.

This scope’s actual field of vision is another highlight. It offers 110 feet at 1,000 yards using 20x magnification, and 55 feet at 1,000 yards using 60x magnification.

Gosky 20-60x80 Dual Focusing ED Spotting Scope - Ultra High Definition Optics Scope

Gosky’s 20-60×80 Waterproof ED Scope – Ultra High Definition Optics Scope for Target Shooting Hunting BirdWatching Wildlife Astronomy Scenery
The top-of-the-line 20-60×80 Dual Focusing EDSpotting Scope from Gosky features more powerful magnifications and a better optical performance. It also has a more precise focusing system. The scope can withstand harsh environments thanks to its rubber armor and sturdy framework. Outdoor enthusiasts and bird watchers will love this spotting scope. This scope is ideal for hunting, target shooting, archery and bird watching. It can also be used to hike, camp, observe the outdoors, astronomical observation, and other outdoor activities.

  • The BAK4 Porro Prism optical lens and fully multi-coated Green Film Optic Lens increase light transmission. This produces brighter, more detailed, and more contrast images, even in low-light situations.
  • 80mm objective lens for high light-gathering power, high resolution, and large field of vision
  • Variable 20x-60x zoom magnification lets you view a wider field of view at lower powers and zoom in on specific details at higher powers.
  • New design coaxial 2-speed focusing wheels provide SMOOTH and ACCURATE focus. The speed of the focusing wheel allows you to lock the target quickly. Fine focusing wheels zoom in on the target and get more detail.
  • 45 degree angle eyepiece offers more comfort viewing. It comes with a tripod that allows rotation of the eyepiece sideways, allowing for adjustable viewing angles.
  • Durable magnesium framework and high-quality rubber armor offer non-slip grip, shockproof grip, and durable external protection.
  • The scope is water-proof, fogproof and shock-proof. It can be used in any weather condition.
  • The eyepiece shield can also be extended to protect it.
Athlon Optics Argos HD 20-60x85 Spotting Scope - 45 Degree, Green/Black

Athlon is a company that has made some of our favourite products, and their latest line is a strong competitor to larger brands in the optics industry. A couple of their binoculars that I was able to purchase (the “The”) have impressed me greatly. Neos G2 And Argos G2 UHD ), and was excited to give their new scope a spin. The Argos HD 20-60x85mm This scope falls under the category of high-power spotting scopes. Although it is heavy and bulky, you will most likely use it from your car or camp. However, the sheer power of a scope that large is amazing to behold.

This scope serves one purpose: It allows you to get close up on a distant subject. It does this exceptionally well. The 85mm objective lens is huge and captures a lot of light. This results in excellent image quality. The full multi-coating and phase coated prisms help to improve this quality. Athlon also included a large eyepiece, which was a smart move that avoids a common mistake made by other optics companies. The overall image quality is excellent. The only thing that I would have preferred about the scope is ED glass. This scope is priced within the range that this would be possible. The scope is very similar to the Neos binoculars that I reviewed. However, the image quality is exceptional for a scope with no ED glass.

The scope is functionally great. I love the unique design of this scope. Instead of sticking up from the center of the scope’s focus knob, there is a ring that runs around the scope’s entire body that can be used to focus. Although I was skeptical at first that it might cause the focus to be accidentally moved, this has not been an issue. The control’s large size makes it easy to adjust the focus. They are making me like this focus ring.

This scope is a great value for the price. Although it does not have ED glass and doesn’t provide the same image quality as a Swarovski, I am happy with the scope and will continue to use it in the field. You can see it.

Celestron 52257 Ultima 100 Straight Spotting Scope

It’s time for us to go all out. This one will help you find the scope that you are looking for in our reviews.Our first scopes were both offset 45 degree eyepieces. These eyepieces are ideal for birders and users who wish to stand above the scope. Celestron Ultima 80 is a straight-through scope that allows you to stand, sit or lie behind it.

Straight-through eyepieces are great for hunters and shooters. They can also be used to observe objects below the horizon. This makes it my favorite spotting scope for hunting.

This scope is available in three sizes: 65mm, 80mm and 100mm. They can also be ordered in straight eyepiece or 45-degree variants.

The scope’s olive drab and dark color scheme will appeal to hunters. You can also use the separate adjustment knob to fine tune your view at high zooms, which is a great feature.

This scope is ideal for hunters and marksmen who require a clear-through scope with mid power.