1. Start by mounting the scope onto the rifle. Depending on the type of rifle you have, you will either need to use a one-piece mount, or two-piece mounts with screws. Make sure the scope is level and aligned with the bore of the rifle.

2. Secure the scope rings to the rifle using the appropriate screws. Make sure the screws are tight, but not too tight as this could damage the rifle or scope.

3. Adjust the eye relief to ensure that you have a comfortable shooting position with your eyes in the proper position behind the scope. You can do this by loosening the screws and adjusting the position of the scope until you find a comfortable spot.

4. Now you will need to ensure the scope is properly aligned. This is where the laser boresight comes in handy. With the aid of the laser boresight, you will be able to align your scope so it is pointed directly down the center of the bore of the rifle.

5. Shoot the gun onto a target 30 feet away. If your scope is aligned properly, your aim should hit the target. If it does not, make adjustments on the scope until it hits the target.

6. Once you have the scope adjusted properly, move back to 100 yards and try again. If your scope is properly adjusted, you should be able to hit the target every time.

7. Change the distance of your target shooting each time. Try different distances to see how well your scope is adjusted for different ranges.

8. Don’t forget to adjust your scope for windage. It may take a few times before your scope

9. Once the scope is zeroed in, secure all screws and double check to make sure everything is secure and properly aligned.